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Welcome to your new Homepage

Welcome to your brand new website. This website uses the QS.CMS Content Management System allowing you to easily update and manage your website by yourself.  Once your account has been setup you will have full access to edit each and every design aspect of your website.  This include all images, logos, fonts, colours and content.

By being able to update your website by yourself, you will not only save time on design and development costs, but also have the peace of mind that each and every update happens in real time and that you do not have to wait hours, even days for a web designer to do the work for you.

First you have to login with the username and password that were provided to you. If you haven't received your username and password yet, please Contact QuickSolve Internet.

Why use QS.CMS?

  • It features an easy-to-use MS Word style HTML editor to help users create stunning websites. No website design skills required.
  • It is fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Let the software guide you to create a website that is ranked well on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines without having to be an SEO specialist.
  • The website navigation system adjusts itself according to your content.
  • Every aspect of your website is optimized for fast loading of pages resulting in the ultimate user experience.
  • Save money on maintenance charges. No more waiting for a your web design company to do the changes for you at a rate of ± R 250 per hour. Do the changes where and when you want it.
  • Once an upgrade becomes available, you can request an update. As we improve the software, so too will your website. Some upgrades will be free, others will require a minimal fee.
  • Fully integrated with Google. Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Maps and Google Translation can easily be integrated into your website. No technical knowledge required.
  • Fully integrates with most Social Networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more. Add Facebook Like buttons, Google+1 buttons, links to Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc at the click of a button.

QS.CMS allows you to Update your Website where you want, when you want. All Updates are in real-time.

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